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Making Things Special

Making Things Special

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If you're looking for an insightful perspective on the practice of user experience design, or software design, look no further. 

Make Things Special, by Hillel Cooperman and Jenny Lam, is a different kind of book. Each chapter provides a concise and dead-on take of topics ranging from Branding UX to Hiring a Designer. You'll finish this book with deeper sense of what it means to craft great digital products.

Table of Contents:

  • Ch. 1 The Day Bill Gates Called Me Rude — and Other Lessons in User Experience.
  • Ch. 2 Software versus Content — The Lines Have Blurred
  • Ch. 3 Past is Prologue — What We Can Learn from Cars 
  • Ch. 4 Software is Both Art and Craft
  • Ch. 5 A Very Short (and Incomplete) History of Software User Experiences
  • Ch. 6 Usability is the New Minimum Bar
  • Ch. 7 Branding User Experience
  • Ch. 8 The Dark Art of Defining Success in User Experience Design
  • Ch. 9 On Luck
  • Ch. 10 What it Means To Be a User Experience Designer
  • Ch. 11 Why Does Silicon Valley Want Designers That Can Code? Because the Valley Doesn’t Understand What Designers Do
  • Ch. 12 Designer vs. Engineer — The Curse of Low Expectations
  • Ch. 13 Designer vs. Marketer — A Partnership Opportunity
  • Ch. 14 Designer vs. Product Manager — The Turf Battle
  • Ch. 15 Why We Won’t Hire People Who Want to be the “User Advocate” on the Development Team.
  • Ch. 16 Put the Designer in Charge
  • Ch. 17 How to Hire a Designer
  • Ch. 18 I Can’t Find a True User Experience Design Leader for My Company. What Do I Do Next?
  • Ch. 19 Turning Yourself Into a User Experience Design Leader
  • Ch. 20 Destroying Your Enemies Through the Magic of Design
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