"Put your million-dollar app idea on paper..."


“Holy crap! This is sexy interface design.”
- jeredb


“If you design apps for the iPhone you need this. The UI Stencil team did an amazing job with this stencil.”
- Playing with Shapes


“iPhone stencil kit. It’s a beautiful thing.”
- Justin Blanton


"I was thoroughly impressed with the way the stencil kit and sketchpad sparked the creative flame that is in me. I felt as if the system unlocked hidden potential for creating applications for the iPhone. There’s just something unique about the whole system. I feel it will make you a better designer, if not a better designer, then you may find yourself using new techniques to sketch down app ideas. There’s no doubt in my mind the UI Stencil Kit and sketch pad for the iPad will do the same thing. If you’re a budding designer or developer, do yourself a favor and go buy a UI stencil."

-The Mac Universe

“What a beautiful thing to own – a stainless steel stencil to create user interface ideas for iPhone applications. If you haven’t got a steady hand and would like a rapid-fire way of presenting your iPhone app ideas to colleagues, then surely this stencil is the way to go!”
- Iceberg Creative

"Excellent idea for iPhone developers, great for drawing out design with pen and paper before going near Xcode.”
- Luke’s Blog

"First of all I totally love my Web UI Stencils. It is easy to use, very professional and handy. It has become one of my everyday tools. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone doing paper wireframing. The stencil comes with a complementary pencil and a case. The metallic stencil is of a quite high quality. I'd like to specifically mention the customer service which is on highest level. The team took care of everything to organize fast and safe shipping."
-Armen Ghazarian

“Incapable free-handers have no fear! There is hope for you! UI Stencils is selling an iPhone stencil so that you can make sure your sketches are nearly perfect. It’s pretty cheap too.”
- devinsblog

“If you are planning to write an iPhone app, this stencil kit is a must-have.”
- winandmac

"I hate to keep bugging you with emails, but wow, this product is amazing! I've had an app idea for awhile now, but seeing it on that piece of paper is amazing! I took me 5 minutes to get my first screen sketched, in 30 minutes I was working on my fifth. I absolutely love your product! If my app ever makes it big, I'll make sure to let everyone know where it all started, thanks so much."
- T. Schmidt

"I’m loving these stencils from UI Stencils. Available for both iPhone and Web development and with matching sketch pads too! I can imagine the iPhone one being really useful as storyboarding iPhone apps is still a relatively new discipline."
- Design Jones

"Drawing can be intimidating for a lot of folks, and the fear of not being a “good drawer” prevents people from picking up a pencil to communicate their ideas. But UI Stencils make that a breeze by providing stainless steal stencils for common UI components for websites, iPhone and now iPad."
- Whitney Hess

"These user interface templates from are awesome. We get calls almost everyday over at Rage Digi from people with app ideas. Some of them great, others not so much. In any case, if you have an app idea and are just busting at the seems to further articulate it, here’s the perfect way! Spend some time putting your high level ideas on paper. It will help! Trust me…"
- Best Day Never

"So without wasting any further moments get yourself one of these and start sketching, who knows your idea could be turned into the next cool APP!"
- Walyou