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Gesture Stencil Kit

Gesture Stencil Kit

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To achieve a state of flow in an app takes mastery of gestures. Plan and think about what gestures to use, at what point in time. Start to establish gesture consistency in your app, product or website. Think about how to make things easier and more fun for the user. By incorporating gestures into your low fidelity prototypes, you can start to infuse ideas that make a big difference. Made from precision cut stainless steel stencil.

Gesture Stencil Kit features:
- One Gesture Stencil
- Zebra mechanical pencil
- Plastic protector
- 3 UI Stencils stickers
- Made in the USA
- 6 1/2 x 3 3/16 inches - 165mm x 81mm

This kit works with our Mobile Sketch Pad.



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