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Designing Interface Animation

Designing Interface Animation

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The power of using the right kind of animation in your app can reinforce its legitimacy, make it easier to use and understand, and have large effects on the perceived value of your product. This book is a crash course in motion design theory and practice for web designers, UX professionals, and front-end developers alike.

By Val Head, Forward by Ethan Marcotte

- Why you can't ignore animation
- You already know more about animation than you think
- Modern principles of interactive animation
- Using animation to orient and give context
- Using animation to direct focus and attention
- Using animation to show cause and effect
- Using animation for feedback
- Using animation to demonstrate 
- Using animation to express your brand
- Where animation fits into your design process
- Prototyping animation ideas
- Animating responsibly

ISBN: 9781933820323

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