Top Digital Resources

At UI Stencils there is only one Queen and King - Paper and Pencil. And, they rule their kingdom with a steady hand. But, when it comes to the digital landscape you will find resources abound. Here is a rundown of our favorites.
Wordmark is a simple and sweet tool that lets you see many fonts onscreen at once. Works well to help you pick the right typeface for your project.

This is a no brainer. It's really a "duh" situation. Primitive and effective. Shows you all the css fonts and lets you grab their css tags fast. If you're not already acquainted please get down to it.

Download vector icons one at time as webfonts. You can even take a vector .svg and drag it right in for an easy export to web font. It's not the only one of its kind, but it’s a cool tool.

Essential Type Resource:
The Holy Grail of type books

Kuler is probably the first tool that comes to mind when thinking of a color picker. It’s clean, has mad mojo, and tons of options. Those with Adobe accounts can save their color schemes for later.

Color Chemistry
A nice little gizmo if you know roughly what color you want, i.e. red, green, beige ect. Simply type the color in the box and instantly see many variations - not a bad place to start.

Hail Pixel
This tool is so rad! It’s amazingly fun, although highly intuitive we’re not sure how useful it is. Just drag the cursor and click to pick a color. Bam!

Essential Color Resource:
Great article on the basics

An amazing collection of free hi-resolution photos from around the world. It’s easy to kill time just looking at these sweet babies.

Another amazing collection of wonderful photography. Whether you’re looking for placeholder images or just inspiration this is a great place to go. It’s all free to use for whatever you want.

Subtle Patterns
The place to go for tasteful patterns.

Essential Imaging Resource:
A site to give you great ideas