Top 5 Paper Prototype Screens



Look how basic the initial concept sketch of Twitter is. This sketch captures how even a simple idea like twitter can get revised and refined through sketching and wire framing.




Wow! Unlike Twitter, Quicken has lots going on. These concept sketches help the viewer understand the core intentions of organizing and expressing a wealth of information in many different ways.




Sockyung Hong's Vimeo profile page shows the ease and value of annotating on paper. The red arrows and marks are simple to apply, and give the viewer and designer a sense of trajectory and possibilities.



Tiny Post

Not as well known as the others on this page, Tiny Post's wire frames illustrate that things change a-lot! Missing from this spread is the key feature that makes Tiny Post unique - the ability to overlay text onto photos.




This idea looks colosal. Look at all the features and numbers. This rough mock up most certainly gave the Flickr peeps a good starting point to refine and develop their concept.




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