The Importance of Drawing Straight Lines

One of the fundamental tips for design sketching is having the ability to draw straight lines.

Why is it important to draw straight lines?
- It gives the sketch a sense of authority.
- It makes the linework feel intentional, not something that's undecided.
- It adds clarity to a sketch.
- It makes your sketches look organized.

Here are some tips for achieving straight lines:
- Having lines overlap when ending gives the linework character. (Fig. 1)
- It helps to practice by drawing two points on paper and drawing a line in between. (Fig. 2)
- Wiggling the line slightly while maintaining its straightness also gives character. (Fig. 3)
- I'm right-handed and find it easier to draw straight lines going from left to right.
- Look where you're headed, not at your pencil tip.
- If you don't want to commit, start with a faint line and the go over it with pressure.

Drawing straight line tips

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