Pitfalls of UX Design

As UX designers it falls on all of us to create positive lasting impressions that keep our users enjoying the experience and coming back for more. Here are some recommendations and traps to look out for on your next project.

Confusing Navigation

It’s common to see more features added to a product to make it more robust. Be careful. Adding links to features is okay when there is an easily discernible hierarchy for grouping your information, but it can quickly feel cluttered. In the image above look at how difficult it seems to simply snap a photo!

Unclear Call to Action

We all understand the importance of a clear call to action. Number one, it helps the audience understand the content. It also motivates viewers to take interest in your offer. A vague CTA is a waste of everybody's time. The newsletter above has many details, and as a result of that convolutes the message. It might as well have no message at all. For more examples of unclear CTA just check your spam folder.

Use of needy or outdated plugins and technologies

We’ve reached an era that is very savvy with its use of third party plugins. And, they seem to change all the time. Unfortunately, they can become outdated quickly or become completely obsolete. Even worse is the usage of plugins that create a negative product experience. How many of us cringe every time Microsoft Silverlite prompts us for an update?

Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns are those things that trick or unethically extract information from a user. If you’re using a dark pattern you probably know what you’re doing. But, sometimes it’s possible to make poor choices without realizing it. Touch of Modern and many others require that we sign up before viewing content, but does your email address go to marketing agencies and spammers? Become familiar with dark patterns to deter and avoid them. For more information check out darkpatterns.org

Unmotivated Visual Trends

Fades, card wipes, and the dreaded parallax scrolling have their place and can help the viewer to digest information, but they shouldn’t be used just because they “look cool.” These types of transitions can be tedious, nauseating or worse distracting. Read more about it here: Parallax

Asking Users to Fill Out Complex Sign Up Forms

Today many services and apps require signup. Facebook has made this easy, but at the sacrifice of your personal information. If you’re going to have a sign up form make it quick and easy.

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