Pentel Multi8

Pentel Multi8

The Multi8 from Pentel is a super cool little pencil. It magically appeared in the office from the hands of our mysterious and enigmatic creative director. It sports the fantastic capability of switching to different colored leds on the fly, with eight colors in one pencil.


Honestly, the sheer ingenuity of the people who designed and produced this thing stagger me quite a bit. I mean, consider the features: it comes with eight packs of different colored leds, a small sharpener and the pencil itself for the price of around $30-$50 (if you do a quick search).

The mechanics exceed any reasonable expectation. A new selection lands into place with a resounding and highly gratifying “click.” Boom, and you’re off ready to annotate your wireframes or draw colorful dinosaurs.

If you have a chance, give it a try. The Multi8 is definitely worth checking out

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