Recently, UI Stencils had the opportunity to sponsor the AppCamp4Girls. The app camp was started in 2013 by Jean MacDonald after receiving funding through a successful indiegogo campaign. The goal of the camp is to teach and inspire girls to pursue careers in the tech industry.


Their process is simple and effective. Girls collaborate with women designers and developers from the industry to concept and build iPhone apps. Novel idea, right? 


The camp mentors aim to show the participating young creatives that making apps can be a fun, collaborative and fulfilling experience. So far, it’s gone over really well.


The girls own every part of the process from brainstorming, pitching, designing, developing and presenting their final work. It doesn't hurt that they have a great time doing it as well.


An essential component of design and collaboration, cupcakes are often overlooked by some of the major players in the field of UX/UI development.



A travel app from the yellow team, a.k.a Casually Scientific Scripters.


Frankly, it is the opinion of this author, that graduate students have often failed in accomplishing as much as these girls have in such a short amount of time. For more information about the AppCamp4Girls visit their website and don't forget to spread the word. These folks are doing awesome things for our future generations.

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