Acrylic Love

Acrylic Love


Our clear acrylic stencils are popular for the transparency that allows users to see through to the sketches below. Get the whole collection with this set of Quick Framer, User Flow, and Whiteboard stencil kits. The Quick Framer Stencil is a useful tool to wireframe like a machine. The User Flow Stencil helps sketch out fundamentals of interface flow and is essential for brainstorming core architecture of any website or app. The Whiteboard Stencil is key for any office or conference room, allowing fast and easy comp sketches for that presentation or collaborative session. 

Acrylic Love Set features:

- One Quick Framer Stencil Kit
- One User Flow Stencil Kit 
- One Whiteboard Stencil Kit
- Made in the USA

Acrylic Love Acrylic Love Acrylic Love Acrylic Love